Have your Coffee at home!!!!! Be Pocket Savvy

Hey all fellow coffee lovers!!

We shared in our last post some tips on eating in budget on travel “Budget well Eat well !!!!“. This post, we are talking about another hidden expense that we recently discovered. We both are coffee lovers and unknowingly that love used to take us to a coffee house every now and then. It’s like the aroma of brewing coffee pulls us to a coffee shop.

We used to visit coffee houses 4 to 5 times a week and used to spend some where around $15 per visit. That makes it around $60 per week and $240 per month. This expense doesn’t seem huge on weekly or monthly basis but when you take annual expense which is somewhere around $3000 for both of us and $1500 per person. It now suddenly seems huge right!!!! If we continue this habit for our lifetime think about the money we will spend just on coffee πŸ™‚

We decided to do something about this expense. Certainly, Coffee is our love and we cannot leave it . We decided to change our habit of visiting coffee houses when ever we want coffee. Habits are hard to change . Glad that we are avid readers also! Learning’s from the book Power of habit by Charles Duhigg came handy. We quickly identified our triggers for this habit and found solutions for reducing this expense.

Few things that helped us in saving some of these bucks:

  1. Investing time in preparing coffee at home. Trust us, the initial attempts were totally disasters πŸ™‚ but we kept on experimenting till we found our favorite recipe. We will share this recipe with you later in this post. If you are vegan it is a must try!!!
  2. Investing money in buying a good Insulated tumbler or coffee mug. It helped us to keep our craving for coffee in control. Whenever we wanted coffee it was right there with us.
  3. Thinking about the health benefits when you know what goes in your coffee. We were consuming all those sugar calories unknowingly on the name of having our favorite coffee drinks. We both lost some inches after reducing our visits to coffee houses. We added healthy sugar substitutes to our drink.
  4. Investing in low calorie canned coffee. This is for the days when we were feeling lazy and didn’t want to go into the kitchen. We tried couple of canned options and found our favorite πŸ™‚ Ask us if you want to know more. This helped us also avoid buying those extra muffins/snacks from the coffee house.

We are not against going to coffee houses but decreasing the frequency of visits can save substantial amount of money. Just think about, using these extra bucks for buying some extra gifts for your loved ones on Thanks giving πŸ™‚ or using it to invest in your or your loved ones future. Don’t forget the health benefits. It is a win win situation both in terms of your pocket and your body. Your body will thank you for not consuming those extra calories every now and then.

Thanks for the amazing recipe to Pickuplimes πŸ™‚ Recipe link here.




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