Vegan waffles with goodness of plant protein

We love experimenting with food and build our own recipes. We tried this new recipe for vegan flour less waffles and they turned out be amazing. We are happy to share this recipe with you. Dry Ingredients: Almond flour – 1 cup Coconut flour – 1/3 cup Plant Protein – 1/4 cup (Optional if youContinue reading “Vegan waffles with goodness of plant protein”

Vegan Pasta Tikka Masala !!!!

Hey Pasta Lovers, We are Foodies! Food is always on our minds. Sadly, sometimes not the same food! She was craving for pasta and I was dreaming of Tofu Tikka masala, we came up with Tofu Tikka masala Pasta. Let’s dive into the details of the recipe. Ingredients you need are : 1. Tofu 200Continue reading “Vegan Pasta Tikka Masala !!!!”

Have your Coffee at home!!!!! Be Pocket Savvy

Hey all fellow coffee lovers!! We shared in our last post some tips on eating in budget on travel “Budget well Eat well !!!!“. This post, we are talking about another hidden expense that we recently discovered. We both are coffee lovers and unknowingly that love used to take us to a coffee house everyContinue reading “Have your Coffee at home!!!!! Be Pocket Savvy”

Budget well Eat well!

Hello Travelers/Foodies/Everyone, We all want to Travel to the best places, stay in the best hotels, eat the best food and have good experiences. We are sharing how we handled our hunger pangs in budget on our recent trip 🙂 We spent approx. $15 on each meal per person and around $10 per person onContinue reading “Budget well Eat well!”